Grouch and the Brainstorm

by Rats Mouth

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released January 16, 2016

All tracks written by Rats Mouth with the exception of "Kyle from the U.K." written by Evan Rippe and Simon Nash.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Rob Kingsley at © Fuzzbaby Records
Art by Anna Jacobson
© Rats Mouth 2016



all rights reserved


Rats Mouth New York, New York

Spencer Bloor
Charlotte Kahn

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Track Name: Bewildered
You try to write a song
but you dont know anything
about about the world about you
You try to kill yourslef
but you dont know how to stand
or where to hang the noose around your neck
You try to say some words
but they dont come out easily or out the way
that you would hope for
You try to save some souls
but you cant save anything
you are the grouch and the brainstorm
Track Name: Kyle from the U.K.
Kyle from the UK, you think that I'm OK but you're not around
Had a date with Judy, she gave you the cooties
Stayed for the taste, not for the supper
Back here on the outside none of us go outside
Stick to the cave, stuck to thoughts of you
God!! oh!! Yes!! NO!!
Tried to get your number but your daddy's famous
Of course I couldn't find it in the old white pages
Cherub, where did you go? Should be on the radio
But you're down in Rats Mouth
Took all of the color from our television
That makes you a backwards prism
For-lorn!! Hot! Cold!!!!
Kyle from the UK, none of us are OK
You took out all the color from our TV
Sky's grey, I'll stay alone and alone, etc.
Keep to myself all alone by myself
Stick to each other, befriend one another
While I'm alone and alone and alone....
I went to the bank for a loan
Track Name: Tennis
Racket in her hand
In her head, head
Ready to score
Gabriella Sabatini
Baby I think I'm in love
I dont mind if you gotta go far to play tournaments
Gotta pretend I dont fear you
You dont fear me
People at home, television
Watching us sweat

Tennis is a sport
Just a lovely sport
Tennis is a sport
Just a fucking sport
Track Name: Educated
Students come, students go
I know what I want to know
Not something that I could read
Play until my fingers bleed
No thanks but I dont want to be
Educated ...
Track Name: Wrath
I talk about myself, hear me!
Talk talk talk about myself
You talk talk talk about yourself
Stuck in between
and apathy
and self-pity
Track Name: Operation: Get Rich Quick
Slice me open, do your tricks
Make me better for old Saint Nick
Operation: get rich quick!
You're gonna need a lawyer and a severed limb
Slice me open, spill my guts
Stitch me up and give me drugs
Slice me open, make mistakes
Chop off my arm, hesitate!
Track Name: Shoot for the Kill
Baby, if you weren't so lazy
I could try to maybe
Make all your dreams come true
Lady, wish you weren't so lazy
My memory is hAaAaZy
How'd I get in here with you
Say what you will
Shoot for the kill
Your little game has got me goin'
Don't know how sane or faithful you been
But your little game has got me goin'
Honey, when the day is sunny
And your nose is runny
I wont give you my tissue
Money, you run out of money
You're doing it for $$$
I can't say that I miss you
Say what you will
Shoot for the kill
Your little game has got me goin'
Don't know how sane or faithful you been
But your little game has got me goin'
Slut, you will shoot for the kill
Track Name: Seafaring
In a kingdom by the sea
I lay her down to sleep
and sail away
for a while
Thousand miles and I see her smile
Seafaring the Atlantic
She had a fit of panic
And while the sun is blistering
She's not breathing
Seafaring the Atlantic
She had a fit of panic
and while the moon is glistening
she's not breathing
And the children fast asleep
Are ridden with disease
So dont kiss your mom
for a while
My sweet child and I see denial
Track Name: Lie Buyer
Like i'm really gonna play your game
Like i'm really gonna sing your song
If i'm really gonna change my ways
I better start being right not wrong
Like I'm really gonna take one more
Like I'm really gonna take one less
You've been getting to be such a bore
I've been getting to be such a mess
Your lie is all over your face
You are the only buyer
Like I'm really gonna plead your case
Like I'm really gonna right your wrong
I don't really wanna change my ways
I been getting better all along
Like I'm really gonna tell one more
Like I'm really gonna tell one less
Have you ever told a lie before?
I've been getting told that I'm the best
Track Name: La Lalalalalala
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Tire to the tracks rubber on the road
She's got a lot of miles
Liquor in the front poker in the back
Oh my god I'm crying happy
Pay attention to me
Can't you see I'm someone who you would like to meet?
This shit ain't free. Buy a CD, hear the drummer sing
9, 10, 11, 12, 13
Track Name: Lilac
Little lilac
We'll get you right back
to your apartment